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The International Arbitration Club of New York has been established on June 25, 2010 by seventy founding members. The purpose of the Club is to promote best practices in arbitration as a means of settling international commercial disputes.

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Our Members

The Club was founded in 2010 by seventy international arbitration practitioners. Among its members are distinguished retired state and federal judges, prominent attorneys and arbitrators, internationally known academicians, and senior executives of arbitral organizations.

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Arbitration in New York

New York is one of the preeminent international financial and commercial centers in the world.  As a result, it has a long, proud history as a major center for international arbitration.  The courts in new York are experienced  in enforcing the parties' freedom to choose arbitration, which is based on the recognition of the important role arbitration plays in international business transitions.  As a result, there are substantial advantages to choosing New York as a venue for international arbitration proceedings.

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Arbitration Resources

International commercial arbitration has many different issues and the researcher needs to have access to numerous resources to make informed decisions.

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